Westpac: Dump Denniston

dump_denniston_logo_smallCANA and 350 have jointly launched a campaign to persuade Westpac to stop lending to Bathurst Resources.

Bathurst Resources wants to turn the spectacular Denniston Plateau into a large open cast coal mine. And Westpac is helping to finance them.

Westpac’s financing helps Bathurst Resources pursue their plans to mine up to 84 million tonnes of coal on the West Coast’s Denniston Plateau and along the adjacent Buller plateau. This would put another 218 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.  

Tell Westpac you want them to stop funding climate change, especially coal mining on the Denniston Plateau.

Act Now To Save Denniston

Use this easy online form to send a letter to Westpac now.

Tell  them to call in their loan and stop extending financing to Bathurst Resources Ltd.

Spread The Word With These Campaign Resources

Find Out More About Denniston And Bathurst

UPDATE: Next Wednesday lunchtime in Wellington, help us tell Westpac to stop funding coal mining on the Denniston Plateau:


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