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Join The People’s Climate March, Sunday 21 Sept: Auckland and Nelson

… and if you’re in Invercargill, get along to the Spring Eco Festival!

Whatever the outcome of Saturday’s General Election, urgent action will still be needed to halt and reverse the growth in greenhouse gas emissions and sharply reduce the risk of runaway climate change.

As part of a global Day of Action on climate change organised by Avaaz, there will be a People’s Climate March on Sunday 21 September in Auckland and in Nelson. Coal Action Network Aotearoa’s Jeanette Fitzsimons will be among the speakers at the Auckland event. If you can join either of these marches, we encourage you to do so – because the challenge of climate change has to be faced by all of us, including the incoming Government.

People’s Climate March Auckland

All climate change concerned citizens are invited to meet at Britomart on Sunday 21st September at 1pm to march up Queen Street to Aotea Square where there will be inspiring speakers and performers until 4pm including Lucy Lawless, Jeanette Fitzsimons, Laura O’Connell-Rapira, Steve Abel, musician SDJ and DJ Isaac Aesili to name a few!

The march is supported by Avaaz, a 38 million member strong global online civic movement that promotes activism on many pressing issues including climate change.  Auckland’s March is the FIRST of a huge, million people strong global movement of similar marches happening in more than 88 countries around world on the same day. From the photos and footage of these marches, Avaaz will create a presentation to show the UN Climate Change Summit delegates during a 15 minute time slot at the Summit in New York City. The Auckland People’s Climate March will also make it clear to Aotearoa’s own leaders how deeply we care climate change and the impacts of climate change on our Earth.

Please join ‘The People’ on Sunday 21st September to lend your voice to help ‘close the gap between the world we have and the world most people, everywhere, want’ (Avaaz, 2014). Updates via Twitter @climatemarchAKL and please join the Facebook Event here People’s Climate March Auckland. To change everything, it takes everybody.

Please also sign the Global Avaaz Climate Petition that will also be presented to the UN Climate Summit delegates

Our Facebook Event : People’s Climate March Auckland
Our Twitter: @climatemarchAKL

People’s Climate March Nelson

Hit the Nelson streets with us, as we work with in this Historic Global Event – People’s Climate March! Fun filled family afternoon. Face paint, music and dance.

Buxton – Montgomery – Wakatu Car Parks from 12.30pm,
filtering over to Millers Acre Car Park by 1.30pm,…
leaving to begin our march to the Cathedral Steps by 2pm

We are feeding the event with a bit of symbolic drama… by turning up at the registration points, adults dressed in dark clothing and children in bold bright colours. This makes us a part of our children’s backdrop, making it far easier for them to be seen and potentially heard, as this is their climate longer than it will be ours – hopefully.In the car parks the registration areas will be recognisable by a couple of tall flags with a couple of people standing around looking for… people looking for them. Here we will have the option to be painted with a green heart, the worldwide People’s Climate March (PCM) logo

Once you have registered you will be directed towards Millers Acre Car Park, the starting point for this wonderful family event.

Contact Name: Sara Cooper
Contact Phone: 0276633094
Contact Email:
Facebook event:


Spring Eco Festival, Invercargill

Sunday, September 21, 10:00 am- 4pm

Workingmen’s Club Convention room
154 Esk St, Invercargill, 9810, New Zealand

Join in Festival – with emphasis on sustainability at home, reducing energy use, vegetable gardening, energy efficiency. Sign the petition as part of International action to send to MPs, wear a green heart on your sleeve to say you love the earth.Young people especially requested to bring kitchen and laundry labour saving gadgets their granny used to use to show how we can reduce electricity use and conserve energy- so reducing impact on climate change. They can dress in period costume to add to the atmosphere and talk about their gadget to whole audience between 11am and midday.

Event signup link:

National’s Mining Agenda Has Failed

So it’s come to this:

The National-led Government’s ambition to have the mining, and separate oil and gas sector, underpin economic recovery has borne little long term gains in its past two terms.

– from mining industry magazine NZ Resources, 20 August 2014

After two terms of promoting mining, and bending over backwards to accommodate mining, and opening up conservation land and the seabed to mining, and removing legal impediments to mining – National has nothing to show for it, and the nation has nothing to show for it either, unless you count a broken-down briquetting plant in rural Southland that, at last count, employed one person.

But one thing we have learned about this National Government is that its reaction to the failure of its policies is to try even harder to force them through. So, if National is re-elected, expect further attempts to gut resource management law and other impediments to mining. Expect more grandiose claims of jobs that never materialise. And expect another three years wasted while action on climate change is desperately needed.

When even the mining industry’s own publication acknowledges that the Government’s mining policies have failed, you know the scale of failure has been epic indeed.