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Robert Guyton
Southland environmentalist and Environment Southland Councillor

Climate Justice Aotearoa

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What is Climate Justice Aotearoa? Those involved in CJA got together because they saw a space that needed to be filled in the New Zealand environmental and climate change movement. They exist to provide information on climate justice issues through research, education and communication. To do so, they will be sending out regular blogs about climate justice issues here in Aotearoa, talking to people all around the country and overseas about Climate Justice, exploring the links between environmental and social justice here in Aotearoa and trying their very best to ensure this information is available; whether you are involved in climate justice, environmental issues more broadly or are just kind of curious. CJA want to know what is really happening to our environment and why, so New Zealanders can make informed decisions about what can be done about it, and what real solutions and pathways forward can be.

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Climate Justice Wellington

Climate Justice Wellington is an autonomous climate justice collective based in Te Whanganui a Tara.

They aim to work horizontally, in an empowering, positive and inclusive manner. Their focus is on action, education and community building: they organize events, direct actions, workshops and film nights.

As a ‘climate justice’-focused collective, Climate Justice Wellington recognizes that the root cause of climate change is an economy which puts profit before people and all life on Earth.

Climate Justice Taranaki

Climate Justice Taranaki is a group dedicated to resisting at the front lines of climate change.

Stop the Drilling on our East Coast

Te Whanau a Apanui have called on all New Zealanders to join in defending their precious marine environment from deep sea oil and gas exploration.

Stop the drilling on our East Coast Facebook page

Generation Zero

The Whirinaki Rainforest

A radical discovery learning research program from an indigenous science perspective shared by the small Kura in The Whirinaki Rainforest, Te Urewera is helping tomorrow’s mankind take a more balanced approach, particularly in relation to rainforests and vegetation.  See

Forest and Bird

Denniston campaign – 2precious2mine




No new oil & gas

Overseas websites

Coal Action Network UK

Mountain Justice (against mountaintop removal for coalmining in the Appalachians, USA)