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ECO Conference shows unions and environmental groups are natural allies

Coal Action Network Aotearoa was well represented at the recent ECO (Environment and Conservation Organisations of Aotearoa New Zealand) Conference in Auckland – which saw environmentalists and the union movement further cementing a relationship which has grown increasingly close in recent years.

Just Transition panel at ECO Conference

Climate Justice Aotearoa has produced an excellent report of the conference on their website, which we have lightly adapted here:

This year’s ECO conference saw what Jeanette Fitzsimons of CANA described as a coming together of “natural allies”  with environmentalists and unions exploring the opportunities and challenges associated with realising a just transition for workers and communities here in Aotearoa. Continue reading

The Imperative to Leave it in the Ground

Guest blog by Tarsh Turner, a member of the NZ Youth Delegation at the climate talks in Lima. 

tarsh at the talks

Tarsh at the talks

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has been working to avert climate disaster for over two decades.

While there are a myriad of challenges in attempting to get nations to agree to an action plan to save our planet, there is one major flaw in attempts to date.

UNFCCC negotiations have dealt only with emissions; governments are required to produce emissions reduction targets, and market mechanisms are aimed at making it more expensive to emit. Continue reading

Inspiring report from Australia coal activist gathering

Kristin Gillies and Jenny Campbell from Coal Action Network Aotearoa have just spent 3 days at Australia’s largest-ever gathering of coal and gas activists

Kristin sends this report:

Three days amongst 250 of Australia’s most inspiring coal and gas campaigners has been a surprisingly emotional experience. As I reflect on the journey of the past few days I am left with a deep sense of respect for these people and those around the world so heavily impacted by the fossil fuel industry.

In my daily life and work it has been easy to overlook the widespread harm the industry is causing to right now to ordinary people every day. This conference has brought this home for me and I would like to share that with you. Continue reading

Summerfest 2013 – And What We’ve Achieved Since Summerfest 2012

The 2013 Keep the Coal in the Hole Summer Festival runs from 18-21 January, which means that it starts in a fortnight’s time! And registrations are due to close on 10 January, which means that you should hurry if you want to register. You can:

Find out all about the Festival here:

Register here (see the yellow Registration button near the bottom of the page):

Find out what we did at the last festival – and the tremendous progress that’s resulted from decisions made and steps taken at the Festival – in this summary which looks at what happened at the Festival and what the situation is one year on: Summerfest_2012_notes_and_progress

Check out the amazing poster for this year’s Summer Festival …


… and take a look at this group photo from the 2012 Festival: summerfest_2012_crew

Ka Nui! Enough! Conference, Rotorua, 25-26 August: How To Attend, Why To Attend

In August the New Zealand mining industry is meeting in Rotorua “to celebrate New Zealand mining and the contribution this important industry makes to the future of the community through science, engineering and economic development.”

So we are holding the Ka Nui! Enough! Conference at the same time to discuss the huge negative impacts mining has on our economies, communities, and environment and what we are going to do about it. And we hope you’ll be able to attend.

Ka Nui! Enough!


Location: Rotorua

Dates: Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th August

Speakers: Dayle Takitimu (Te Whanau-a-Apanui) Drew Hutton
(Lock the Gate Alliance Australia), Dr Susan Krumdieck (Canterbury
University) and more . . .

Cost: $25 for the weekend or koha on the day.

Registration: to register email your name and contact number to


The extractive industries, including fracking, mining & oil drilling, have huge negative impacts on our economies,communities & environment.

We must move past this in a way that is just for all. Join us to learn more and strategise together.

Please forward this invite widely. And please register asap to support those communities on the frontlines, to learn, to share, and to strategise.

Ka Nui! Enough! conference poster