This Saturday, It’s Time To March For The Climate

The People’s Climate March is this weekend. Most events are on Saturday 28 November, though there are a few on the 29th. You can check the details of local events (note that there are 4 pages of events – you can move between them at the bottom right of the page).

Why march? Because the Paris climate talks are starting soon, and the New Zealand Government has not only set a ridiculously weak target for emissions reductions, but has a track record of working hard behind the scenes with countries such as Australia, Canada, Russia and Saudi Arabia to prevent or weaken international action on climate change.

So let’s get as many people as possible involved all around the country. Let’s send our Government a message even they can’t ignore: we need real action on climate change, and we need it to start now.

PS: There’s still time to make your submission against Fonterra’s coal expansion plans – and check out this cool Fonterra AGM action by Auckland Coal Action.

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